As we enter a new decade in which more and more millions of people are on the internet every day, there are over a billion websites as of January 2021. With that many websites, there are thousands of websites per niche, which can make it hard to attract internet users, potential followers, as well as customers to your website.

Getting more website traffic directly to your site is already such a difficult task, but how can you retain your website visitors and grow your base even more? Well, there are a variety of ways that can boost traffic and retain visitors, such as adding a text-to-speech generator for your content, focusing on your search engine optimization, and making your website as engaging as possible. All of which can reap the rewards of having an amazing website.

Tip #1: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization

The first tip to retain your website visitors is to pay special attention to your SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and this is the factor in which ranks your website on Google. The better SEO you have, the higher the retention rate you will have with your website visitors, and the lower SEO you have, you will also suffer from a lower retention rate.

Many small business owners and website owners, in general, don’t fully understand the importance of SEO on their websites. Having a good SEO is crucial in order for website growth and visitor retention; but how can you boost your own SEO?

In order to have a good SEO, all areas of your website need to be top-notch, which includes the graphics, the content, as well as the technical side to the website, and the different tags. Making your website more accessible to more people also can help increase engagement within the website, and the SEO will directly help as a result.

Many websites and businesses now have blogs on their specific industry and niche, which works wonders for SEO. When people search up how to do things or if they seek more information on a subject, writing about that subject on your blog can make your website be found across the entire sea of websites within your industry and niche.

Now here is what the average website owner may not take into consideration: the technical side of SEO. This includes developing a strong array of backlinks, having good technical SEO (which includes HTML and meta-tags), and improving your internal links.

Having strong backlinks can help not just grow your audience, but retain your audience. What is a backlink? A backlink is simply when another site has a link on their site that leads to your website. The reason why this can help visitor retention is that your website is now more spread across different sites, which reminds people to not only visit it once but to continue visiting it periodically.

Additionally, making sure you have good meta-tags and meta-descriptions can help you enhance specific keywords; so if you are within a specific niche, every time someone searches up a keyword within that niche or industry, your website will be seen more and more times, which will keep your audience and website visitors engaged with your platform.

So other than making sure your SEO is top-notch, what else you can do? Having amazing content to showcase to your visitors always helps.

Tip #2: Have Amazing Content & Website

Amazing content

This tip seems obvious, but many people actually overlook the quality of their website as well as the content that is showcased on there. Visuals are important when it comes to a website, as well as functionality and SEO; but that’s not all. Having amazing content that draws the visitor into your website is critical to retaining your website audience. So what are ways to do that?

Well, as mentioned earlier, writing blogs on your website can increase engagement on your website. By having useful and enjoyable reads on your website, more people are inclined to not only read the blog but also to check out other areas of your website. If you have blogs or articles on a consistent schedule, visitors will often recognize that and they will continue to keep coming back to your site. By writing articles on your blog, you will see your audience retention rates on your website increase significantly.

It’s also important to note that just writing more content online will help, but the quality matters too. It’s key to make sure that you are paying attention to the content that you write, as you will be putting that out into the web in the reflection of your own website.

Now that you know the importance of having good content, which is key towards website audience retention, that’s good; but you also need to know how to display the content effectively. What’s the point of having amazing blogs written about your industry or niche when it is a nightmare to explore your website? Having a nice design as well as organizing your content of the website into sections make it easier for the user to navigate. This also just helps in general, for anyone visiting your website. With an improved organization to your website, as well as content, there’s only one major component left to make sure your website is good enough for audience retention: the appearance. Having a nice-looking website, although admittedly not as important as the content or the SEO, is still worth mentioning because having a visually appealing website can attract people to return on a consistent basis. The more pleasing the website looks, as well as the content and other components, the more you are setting your website up for higher retention rates within your monthly visitors.

So now that you know about the benefits of having amazing content, boosting your SEO, and making sure your website is easy to navigate, what else can you do to boost audience retention with your website? Although these tips are helpful, they are well-known tips by a lot of website owners online. How can you separate yourself from the rest of the pack? Simple, have Text-to-Speech technology.

Tip #3: Having Text-to-Speech Technology

Text to speech system

So, what is Text-to-Speech technology? This is a tool on a website that can read the text out loud through your speakers. This is extremely useful, as it makes your website include more key features, as well as allows your viewers of the website to remain more flexible.

For example, if they do not want to read the article or the content on your website and they would rather listen to it, having this technology can allow your visitors to play the widget and read your website’s content for them. Not only is this even more accessible to people that get their eyes strained on the blue light technology, but it also can be useful to everyone, which is what makes having Text-to-Speech such an awesome feature.

Additionally, having Text-to-Speech can increase the chances of a person remembering the words and messages. By being able to have the option to see and hear the words, the mind becomes more engaged in what the topic of the content is. This is extremely essential for people and viewers to keep coming back; if they remember what you wrote about or whatever your content is, it makes them all the more likely to convert into repeat website viewers, followers, and even customers.

Now that we have gotten the benefits of Text-to-Speech out of the way, how do you select a good service? Well, the best Text-to-Speech generator WebsiteVoice! It is one of the best services to turn your articles, blogs, and posts into high-quality audio in no time. WebsiteVoice also offers a 14-day free trial for you to be able to experiment and truly see the benefits of having speech technology with a natural-sounding voice. Additionally, WebsiteVoice also offers 38 languages worth of audio. For a non-English speaker, which makes up the majority of the online world, this will allow you to reach new audiences and retain the ones that you are building online.

In this day and age, having Text-to-Speech is not just an extra feature to a website, but it should be a standard for all websites. To become accessible to more people, increase your own audience engagement, as well as growing your number of visitors are all indicators to see if you are owning an amazing website. Text-to-Speech can help in all three of those criteria. If you want to see your website take off to the next level, check out WebsiteVoice and follow the tips we have listed out for you!