1. Add to your website

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Paste the following snippet on the pages where you want to play audio of your articles, right before the last </body> tag. Replace WV_SITE_ID with your own WebsiteVoice ID after enabling your website.


You can disable an entire page from loading the widget by adding the class wv‑disable to the body of the page. You can change the voice from a female voice to a male voice or change the spoken language. You can also tune the outfit of the widget to fit your page style. Enable your website and login to customize.


Visit your blog or article and click on the play button to listen its content. Check to see if the click was registered in the real-time reports.

More questions? Widget not loading?

We have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) that you can visit here with additional instructions.

2. Enable your website

Enable the website where you want to add the code snippet by creating an account.

or continue with the following options

Already enabled?

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