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Convert, listen, download, and share your WordPress landing pages as human-like voices for better accessibility & engagement.

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38+ Languages Supported

Listen to your digital content in more than 38 languages and voices.

Arabic(UAE) Language


Chinese Language


Dutch Language


English (US) Language

English (US)

English (UK) Language

English (UK)

French Language


German Language


Hindi Language


Indonesian Language


Italian Language


Japanese Language


Korean Language


Russian Language


Spanish Language


Turkish Language


Swedish Language


Ukranian Language


Welsh Language


We are constantly upgrading and adding more languages.

How to install WebsiteVoice WordPress Plugin?

Install the plugin, and add a small script to enable audio on your WordPress blog in minutes.

WebsiteVoice Create Free Account

Create Free Account

First create a completely free account in WebsiteVoice.

Install WebsiteVoice WordPress Plugin

Install WordPress Plugin

Then install the official WordPress plugin WebsiteVoice WordPress.

Setting on WordPress Plugin

Setting on Wordpress

Then head to the “WebsiteVoice” menu item under settings of your WordPress dashboard.

Setting on WebsiteVoice

Setting on WebsiteVoice

Paste in the text field the javascript in WebsiteVoice dashboard and save the plugin settings.

Text to speech for websites

More WebsiteVoice Features For WordPress Blogs

Voice control

Voice control with UVT technology

Readers will have the option to slow the synthesized voice reading speed to 80% or speed it up to 170%.

Widget/Audio Player

Widget/Audio Player Customization

Highly customizable ‘Audio Play’ button. Change its color, style, and size to match your website’s theme.

Social Sharing

Smart Natural Voice

We have developed human-like natural sounding voices using AI and machine learning algorithms.

Audio file download in MP3 format

Easy to Install

No technical knowledge is required to use this tool, as anyone can add the widget using WordPress plugin.

Customize Audio Plays

Customize Audio Plays

You can get the ability to add a custom intro and outro text to play before reading the web page text.

Audio file download in MP3 format

Audio file download in MP3 format

Readers can download and save your audio into MP3 format anytime to listen to it, even while offline.

Audio file download in MP3 format

Social Sharing Button

Use the quick share button to distribute your audio blog to the most popular social media sites.

Customize Audio Plays

Breathing and Pauses

Intuitive audio player that enable users to play, pause and stop the text audio with better control.

Bulk Disable

Bulk Disable

Easily disable the WebsiteVoice player on specific pages of less importance using a wildcard URL.

Text to speech for websites

How WebsiteVoice Wordpress Plugin Help?

Better Accessibility

Better Accessibility

Increase your content reach to a wider audience, make your site ADA compliant, and reduce bounce rates.

Save Time

Save Time

WebsiteVoice help users to listen to the content on the go, and increase their reading speed using auto-reader.

More Subscribers

More Subscribers

Using a text-to-speech tool on your WordPress website to promote subscribers' growth with improved engagement.

More Revenue

More Revenue

Increasing your online business revenue is made easier with text-to-speech tool that gives a boost to the conversion rates.

Text to speech for websites

Frequently asked questions

Can I test these features before subscribing?

We have a 14-day free trial that includes as many features as possible for you to get the most out of your trial period. We encourage you to sign up and experience it yourself.

Can I upgrade my trial account to a paid subscription anytime?

Absolutely! You have the option to purchase a subscription anytime you want or after your trial period ends. The transition will be seamless so you do not need to reconfigure the widget again.

Can I check the daily number of plays or stats of my widget?

Once you have signed up for the service, you will gain access to the dashboard that will display the total number of plays on your widget. You can use the said stat page to keep track of visitors that plays the audio.

I have several different websites, can I use the same account?

For now, one account can only be associated with one website. You will need to create a separate account for each of your websites.

Will this work on my website?

Our widget script is easily customizable and highly compatible with most web-hosting platforms. If you experience any issues, our support team will be happy to help. We are available 24/7 to assist you.

Text to speech for websites
Start now improving your user engagement, accessibility, and audience growth
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We’re a group of avid readers and podcast listeners who realized that sometimes it’s difficult to read up on our favorite blogs, news media and articles online when we’re busy commuting, working, driving, doing chores, and having our eyes and hands busy.

And so we asked ourselves: wouldn’t it be great if we can listen to these websites like a podcast, instead of reading? The next question also came up: how do people with learning disabilities and visual impairment are able to process information that are online in text?

Thus we created WebsiteVoice. The text-to-speech solution for bloggers and web content creators to allow their audience to tune in to their content for better user engagement, accessibility and growing more subscribers for their website.