Speed reading is not just about reading faster. It is about comprehending the information and keeping it in your brain for a longer time. It’s a total package!

Speed reading is the solution if your unread books pile is growing and you wonder if you can never finish it. With the fast reading apps, you can make a book reading list in no time. This can be made much easier with apps that read to you to cover more text in less time.

In the beginning, it’s perfectly alright if you don’t know how to do fast speed reading. You can take as much time as you need to learn how to improve reading speed through a tool, course, or class to train your brain with plenty of fast reading, although you may start with lower words per minute. Some speed reading tools may offer you the basic guidelines and tips to start practice with. You can take a simple test to learn more about your abilities before taking an actual start.

How can speed reading tools help you read like a pro?

The information age is taking the next advanced turn, incorporating AI and automation technology and empowering everything.

Let’s drill down the information on what AI-powered tools features can help achieve your reading goals.

Compatible with all Devices:

As readable content is everywhere, speed reading tools should be available on every platform. They should be capable of syncing with all reading apps and multiple devices so that you can read anytime, anywhere.

Great Text Compatibility:

Some of the reading tools only accept digital books files, while others can open up all files. Therefore, you need to make assurance to go for the app that works well for all files.

Adjustable Speeds:

The speed difference goes for everyone. You can’t judge everyone’s speed with the same measuring stick. Good reading apps offer flexibility in the adjustment of speed according to your WPM. You can pause and resume whenever you need. Beginners and intermediate-level readers require 200-400 WPM, while more adept readers can read up to 1000 WPM.

Adjustable Fonts:

Some fonts can be smaller or thicker for a human eye to process. Therefore, good reading apps allow readers to choose from the best-suited fonts and their sizes as per their ease and comfort. You can readjust color and background light as well.

Statistic Tracking:

AI-based reading apps track your average speed and let you know how much you have improved. It is an essential feature to track your progress if you are keen on your speed reading improvement.

Training Options:

Advanced-level reading apps offer the training feature to new readers. It’s nice to have a feature for proper guidance and practice sessions. Training sessions are important as they make you practice and be mindful of things that can waste your energy or time.


The next-level reading apps have integration with the near-to-human-voice feature. They are a great help for to you continue your read while eating, driving, or when you are tired of reading through your eyes and prefer listening.

Text-to-audio software keeps people engage with the important content even if they have little time to open up books and start reading. These apps are great ways to make educational, business, and other literary content accessible. It is designed in a way to help people with visual impairment, different types of color blindness, and dyslexia.

Website Voice is text-to-audio software that comes with flexible integration and widely customized features with smart natural voices in multiple languages. You can adjust the speed as per your needs, change the colors and voice of your choice. Website Voice is students’ and professionals’ choice who want to stay ahead in their studies and professional life.

Speed reading eventually leads to speed understanding

The reasons speed reading is good for your brain

Speed reading helps students and professionals by allowing them to stay informative and competitive in their professions. There are several benefits speed reading can help you.

1. Improved Memory

The human brain is like a muscle; it grows powerful in the direction we train it to be. The speed reading challenges make our brains focus and work at a higher level. The other part of the brain will improve once it learns to respond proactively to the information it is processing through fast reading. Therefore, the memory becomes the stabilized muscle to work and perform better.

2. Better Focus

The average speed reading is 200 WPM, and the intermediate readers start to improve well once their focus and brain functionality improves. It depends on the focus level of the person on how fast they learn to speed up their reading.

3. Higher Level of Self-Confidence

Speed reading serves multitudes of benefits as it results in reading faster and comprehend more. The more you read, the more knowledge you gain from it, leading you to boost your self-confidence level. The books, fiction or non-fiction, help us gain a deeper insight into our daily and professional lives.

4. Improved Logic

Once you start seeing things from different angles, it helps you open up the different meanings of other aspects. The more you read books, the deeper your logical reasoning becomes. It would have become impossible or longer to see logical aspects without book-reading habits.

5. More Strong Emotional-Being

Reading is a very therapeutic activity that helps you reduce stress and helps you divert your mind off irrational and worrisome mundane thoughts. Fast reading habits train your brain to focus on important aspects and discard off useless thoughts immediately.

Books reading habit helps you achieve active meditation. When you focus on the stuff you are reading, it releases the stress automatically. Once you are stress-free, you will feel emotionally strong.

The techniques to improve your speed reading and comprehension level

1. Stop the Inner Monologue

Inner monologue, known as subvocalization, is a very common trait among readers. It’s repeating the words in your mind when you read that is the biggest obstacle readers face.

Don’t fret if you hear the voice of what you read as long it’s your voice and not irrelevant thoughts leading to another.

You might remember the instructions of teachers telling kids, “read in your mind.” That is how inner monologue has been ingrained in our brains ever since.

Its been a helpful activity for kids, but it can be distracting for speed reading activity and slows it down.

You need to understand things deeply when you are younger, and, therefore; you take as much time as you need to process the information into your brain.

But for speed reading, you need little effort to process things. Therefore, in the initiation process of speed reading, the readers take training to quit their inner monologues. Once they learn to overpower their inner monologue, their focus level, and information processing improves and takes up speed.

2. Word Chunking

Words chunking is closely related to eliminating the inner monologue. It is one of the essential exercises to increase reading speed. In this activity, you will learn and practice reading three words at one glance, leading to reading multiple words at a time. Continue reading three words at a glance down all the pages. You will notice the fast speed with this exercise. You are still able to comprehend and process information, but spend less time over that.

In the second step, take things further. You can divide the text into three sections. Start at the left top of the page as usual and cover the sections one by one. Continue practicing this exercise until you are comfortable with the speed reading challenge you’ve set for yourself.

Even though we are trained with the inner monologue, a person can read several words at a time.

3. Try not to reread the words on the page

Before you learn the peripheral vision exercise- that’s the real kicker- you need to practice not to reread the words from the page you have finished reading.

Suppose you are in the habit of in-depth analysis of the text. In that case, you may know the importance of rereading the words and understanding the social-cultural and lingual connotations deep buried under words.
But for the speed reading exercise, you may want to finish the book as quickly as possible while gathering all the essential information covered in the book.

An average reader often jumps back and forth. They mostly do this without realization, and it’s a bit tricky habit to break. You can choose the easiest way for your convenience if you find it childish using a bookmark, finger, scale, or pencil to read along.

Use a pencil to keep track of the words and continue to make a way down the page. Some people find using a pencil beneficial, while others find using a pencil as an obstacle to focusing.

4. Learn to have peripheral vision

Congratulations! You have made it so far in learning all the key steps that make the bridge proceed further. Yet final steps are coming, and they are critical ones too.

Once you have learned the words chunking techniques to read several words in a glance, try reading one line at a time. This activity involves looking at the center of the line and using peripheral vision to scan the rest of it. Keep scanning the page in this manner, and you will notice you have understood everything necessary.

5. Use a timer

The purpose of using the timer is to check the progress you have made so far. By testing your speed every time, you may focus better on increasing speed reading using all the techniques mentioned above. Set the timer for one minute and keep reading until the timer goes off and check how many words you have covered. Keep repeating to test yourself by combining it with the new exercise you have learned.

Set daily or weekly goals to track your progress and increase your speed in no time.

6. Set a goal

Setting a goal and holding yourself accountable will help you stick with your reading goals. Set your daily and weekly goals to track your progress and treat yourself after achieving a goal.

7. Keep reading, keep improving

“Practice makes perfect” never go wrong with speed reading exercises and practice. The success lies with the consistency of practicing every day and setting up your goals. The more you practice, the more perfection you will achieve in speed reading.

Keep yourself motivated with the examples of people who are doing great in speed reading and learning every day. Be ready for the numerous benefits of book reading habit helping you in almost all fields of life.

Speed reading exercise helps you pick ideas quickly

8. Work on your vocabulary

The words you are not so sure about their meanings may disturb your focus and slow down your speed. You may not be able to make sense of the sentence you have just read due to that difficult word. You may need a dictionary to look up the meaning, and such breaks from reading may make you frustrated and lose focus.

If you work on your vocabulary, you will have more enhanced knowledge. The more you know about words, the faster you read. A strong command of the vocabulary will boost your confidence.

9. Scan the main words first

Finally, you are in a real-time crunch and need to revise what you read yesterday. You can go by reading headlines, highlighted points, diagrams, and captions.

Read the main sections of each paragraph and try to revise the things you’ve read to jot down the points and memorize them better.

Closing thoughts

Getting the right information in the age of information-surge is the right thing to do if you want to survive in the post-pandemic world. AI-powered reading tools are a great help to drill down the right information that helps you stay ahead and take better business decisions.