Reading habits are important to develop in kids from an early age. Their reading propensities can assume a key role in shaping them as a person. In the advanced world, reading applications can be an incredible assistance for parents to conjure interest in reading among kids. So, make it easier we have highlighted the best apps for kids with reading issues.

A few children will have an interest in reading from the early days itself while parents have to take additional effort for specific kids. They can begin with short stories; sonnets and so on and later form it into more exploration reading which can improve their insight repository.

Lots of intriguing readings applications for kids are presently accessible for iOS, Android, and for cross platforms. The right blend of fun and education, instinct, and an astonishing design make some reading applications stand out.

Top Apps for kids with reading issues you can use today

The 22 best reading apps accessible for kids/youngsters on iOS and Android are discussed below.

1. WebsiteVoice

WebsiteVoice text to speech software

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2. Apple Books

Apple books

Kids can read through an enormous store of books from different genres of their interest. The assortment includes bestsellers, classics, and audiobooks.


  • Top Charts gives an idea of the best books in every category
  • The auto-night mode is extraordinary to read books in bed during the nighttime
  • Features simple-to-read page tones and alluring textual styles
  • iCloud features make it absolutely convenient

3. HooplaKidz Plus Preschool App

Hoopla kidz preschool app

HooplaKidz Plus is a complete preschool edutainment application! Including safe kids videos that kids and parents can enjoy commercial-free. Allow your kids to find invigorating new experiences and adventures in a mystical universe of fun and learning in a safe environment.

Kids can learn numbers, colors, fruits, letter sets, and more! Fun exercises: Children can figure out how to draw, play dough, cook, and do fun science experiments. To make the learning process easier, this app for kids with reading issues can be used for free.

4. Skybrary

skybrary kids app

This is a great application that snares kids for reading during their available time with an intuitive experience through cute and charming animations and delightful representations. These smart and interactive computerized books keep them engaged in a splendid way.


  • Unlimited admittance to much amazing kid’s books
  • Tailored book suggestions for changing interests and age
  • Features “Read to Me” or “Read by Myself” options

5. Epic – Free Kids’ Books, AudioBooks, & Videos

epic free kids app

This is probably the best youngster’s advanced library accessible for Android clients which is an incredible choice for kids of 12 years old and under. Not at all like comparable reading applications, access to more than 35,000 great books for kids makes it stand apart on the list. In fact, it is an Editor’s Choice application.


  • Kids are engaged with reading quizzes and learning videos
  • This limitless reading library can be an ally for kids any place they go
  • The assortment includes read-along books, audiobooks, and digital books

6. Starfall: It’s Fun to Read

Starfall reading app

Another app for kids with reading issues is Starfall. This is a fun-to-read application that assists kids to learn reading through uplifting feedback or reinforcement, play, and exploration. Children can experience the delight of reading through spelling designs, rhyme, similar sounding word usage, and wordplay.


  • Features tongue twisters, music, poetry, and bird puzzles sections
  • AutoRead feature is incredible to display familiar reading
  • Easily gain proficiency with an essential comprehension of letter-sound relationships

7. Rivet: Better Reading Practice for Kids

Rivet kids reading app

Rivet is a helpful reading application for kids, having in excess of 3,500 free books to practice reading. It participates in a kid-friendly interface.


  • Personalized book suggestions
  • Different reading levels to develop with your reader

8. Endless Reader

Endless reader app

Parents and teachers can try this application for little kids to assist them with having an understanding of reading in a better way. There is no better method to make them acquainted with sight words that incorporate the normal words that are generally utilized in school, children’s books, and the library.


  • Sight acknowledgment of words is supported through great animations
  • Spelling is supported with word puzzles
  • Sentence puzzles show utilization and definition

9. Reading Raven

Reading raven

This is an incredibly designed reading application that is arranged as a learn-to-read educational game. This is genuinely captivating for kids and the step-by-step reading exercises are intended to give them a strong base for reading.


  • Comes with 11 sorts of super exciting and fun games
  • Effective voice directions and feedback
  • Fully adjustable by age or understanding and reading level

10. Monkey Junior: Learn to read English, Spanish & more

Monkey junior language learning app

With a large number of clients, this is one of the top apps for the learn-to-read programs for little kids. They can learn six dialects easily which includes English, French, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese.


  • It is quick, fun, and effective
  • Effectively further develop vocabulary and pronunciation
  • Uses sight, sound, and touch to engage them

11. Reading Prep Comprehension

Reading prep comprehension

This is one of the best reading apps as compared to other reading cognizance tools accessible for iOS users and parents can get this application for their children totally free of cost. It accompanies a decent assortment of fiction and non-fiction stories.


  • Can be an extraordinary guide for free study time
  • Increase student reading cognizance instantly

12. Fairy Tales: Bedtime Stories

Fairy tales reading app

Fairy Tales is a reading application for kids with intelligent and interactive games and stories to make reading fascinating and intuitive.

It incorporates a great collection of storybooks and sleep time stories. It is also the best preschool learning application as compared to other learning apps with intelligent games and stories.


  • Professional storyteller to read fairy tales
  • Also incorporates intelligent interactive educational books for kids to learn

13. Book Dash – Free Kids Books

Book dash free kids book app

The application is a decent repository of 200 free storybooks that are made accessible in several dialects. Kids can just pick their language inclination and begin reading their favorites.


  • Easily download and read the books of interest·
  • Ideal for kids of age 8 and under·
  • Books are even translated into different languages

14. Wanderful Interactive Storybooks

Wanderful interactive storybooks

Kids can experience a good reading time with this application that accompanies engaging, captivating, and educational stories. The application shows words, narrating, word sounds, and sentences in a sensational and fun-filled way.


  • Stories are completely animated and interactive
  • Hidden surprises on each page
  • Can tweak a kid’s understanding and reading experience

15. Let’s Read – Digital Library of Children’s Books

Lets read digital library

This is a digital library of excellent kid’s stories that can be gotten to in local and national languages. Clients can anticipate that a lot of other languages should be added soon in addition to English, Minangkabau, Bahasa Indonesia, Javanese, and so on.


  • 100% free and straightforwardly authorized books
  • Options to read offline
  • Access books by reading level and language

16. Amazon Kindle

Amazon kindle

Large numbers of books are available through the Amazon Kindle application. Parents can utilize the application’s great features to make reading a joy for the kids.


  • Borrow eBooks from the library
  • Customize your reading with a preferred background color, screen brightness, text size, etc.
  • Read lots of free books

17. FarFaria – Read Aloud Story Books for Kids App

Farfaria story books app for kids

Large numbers of books are available through the Amazon Kindle application. Parents can utilize the application’s great features to make reading a joy for the kids.


  • Borrow eBooks from the library
  • Customize your reading with a preferred background color, screen brightness, text size, etc.
  • Read lots of free books

18. Geo Walk World Factbook 3D

Geo walk

This is a truly fascinating reading application which is an interactive globe model that would be adored by kids who like to find new things. The World Factbook 3D reading application covers an assorted scope of themes like creatures, plants, celebrities, authentic occasions, and innovations.


  • Educational and simple to utilize
  • Everything across the globe can be explored with fun

19. TeachMe Bundle

Teach me bundle

This intriguing application is a decent platform for kids to learn quickly and adequately. The age-appropriate educational instruction themes and uplifting reward exercises make this application stand apart on the list.


  • Activities to recognize A-Z a-z, 1-20, shapes, shadings, and counting for little kids
  • Sight words, essential and basic maths, spelling, and composing for kindergarten
  • Dolch 1st grade sight words and spelling for first graders
  • Next level maths, spelling, and sight words for second graders
  • Third-grade sight words, quick multiplication/division for third graders

20. HOMER Reading: Learn to Read

Homer reading

This application is an intuitive and sensational approach to light your kid’s understanding and reading passion. A tailored learn-to-read plan is a featured component that forms critical abilities and skills for kids.


  • Activities to learn reading step-by-step
  • Accessibility to 100s of stories
  • Child’s advancement can be tracked with the Parent Dashboard

21. Sight Words

Sight words

The Sight Words is a wonderful application for youthful readers, which is ideal for first, second, and third graders just as for preschool and kindergarten. Kids can easily learn testing sight words through 6 engaging educational games.


  • Learn 220 Dolch words and extra 94 things through different exercises
  • Features Avatar choice and selection of words to rehearse for every classification

22. Google Play Book

Google Play Book

Google Play Book is an app for kids that can help them read the online books and comics. It is available in both Android and iOS devices. The app has a text-to-speech feature that reads aloud the text in the PDF, books, comics, audio books and manga. It allows you to listen to the text on the go. Moreover, it has a synchronized highlighting feature that can help to find where the app is reading.

This is a free to use app that can be used by anyone on the mobile phones. The talk-back accessibility feature of this application is very useful helping children, elders, and people with dyslexia or other disability can easily read online publications.


  • Marketplace to buy eBooks, PDFs and comics
  • Notifications and reminders are available
  • Ability to adjust the text size, spacing, alignment, and color
  • Intuitive reading tool for children books with listen to specific word and definition feature


There are different more reading applications for kids designed by enthusiasts that you can find in the iOS or Android stores. In the first place, you might get going with free reading applications and later change to paid reading applications relying upon your kid’s interest.

Reading habits can be really helpful for the kid’s listening skills, cognitive and language development, vocabulary expansion, attention span, creativity, etc. Reading habits also improve kid’s mental stimulation and analytical thinking skills.

As they grow up with a routine reading habit, they can benefit from enhanced focus, concentration, and great memory improvement.