Good writing is always inspired by good reading. In the present times of cut-throat competition and the busy life of bloggers, quick and effective reading is a big challenge for bloggers all over the world. Many bloggers usually complain that the reading consumes the majority of their time. Not only this but continuous and long reading sessions result in the tiredness of the eyes.

Smart Reading

Smart reading

The one-stop solution available for this problem is the variety of blog-reading internet tools developed with the emergence of web technologies globally. These tools or web services specially designed for quick and effective reading of users majorly include downloadable text to speech, website to text, text to speak website, text to speech on the web, free text website, etc. These screen reader applications are supported on multiple operating systems including android systems, iOS, and other systems as well.

These tools can greatly improve the quality of life of any reader. It can save time and energy, supports multitasking, and avoid the burden on the eyesight or vision of the readers resulting in reduced tiredness from reading. Thus, gone are the times of exhausted readers and new and smart readers are emerging who have made their reading quick, effective, and elongated reading sessions.

Downloadable Text-To-Speech

TTS to read blog

The downloadable text to speech services and software is one of the effective reading tools which easily converts the entire content of a blog into an audio speech file. The bloggers and readers could easily download this speech and can listen to the blog as per their schedule and convenience as the downloaded audio file is automatically saved in the system of the user or reader. This speech could be listened to even while driving or doing some other work, which consequently saves the time of readers and supports them in listening and reading more blogs in lesser time. The downloadable text to speech service or facility makes the blog reading easy and quick by supporting multitasking. Even the bloggers could read other blogs simultaneously while writing their blogs.

Text to speech conversion has accelerated the blogging industry nowadays by saving the time and energy of bloggers worldwide. The text to speech file can be downloaded in multiple languages and even different voices to overcome the linguistic barriers arising in blog reading. All a reader has to do is to select the text to speech software or service, upload the blog content and just download the speech file in the desired language and listen to the file as per convenience. This file is even transferable and can be shared with a group of many users to help them in reading. In the case of a large group of readers, each reader can access a different blog, convert the text into a downloadable speech file, and share it with all the readers of a group. This will give a boost to the readers’ community as the group of readers will have as many audio files as the number of users at the same time. Each reader in this way will have access to multiple blogs and can select his reading from a large variety of blogs or articles available with the group.

Text To Speech Tool/Website

TTS tool

Sometimes when the users are not interested in downloading the audio file to prevent unnecessary storage, alternative tools that serve the same purpose can be used. One of these tools is the text to speak website. It allows the application to read aloud the content of the website or the blog posts or articles by converting the text into speech without downloading the file. The difference between downloadable text to speech and text to speak website is that the latter is temporary whereas the former allows the file to be saved and read afterward also. The downloadable speech file is saved in the system and could be listened to multiple times, whenever the user wants. The text to speak website is available while the browser is open. It is also quicker and instant. It is as easy as surfing the website content the reader is willing to read and just listen to the content in one click. No need to convert the text into an audio or speech file first and then download it and then listen to it. The text to speak website allows reading the content by just selecting the option of text to speak after visiting the website desired to be read. It is an effective way to consume any content while also enhancing the reader’s comprehension.

Web Based Text To Speech

Web based tts

A more advanced tool of text to speak website is the text to speech on the web reading. It is even more instant as the reader need not go to the specific website even for the content or the blog, but it allows just searching the blog topic on the browser and clicking on the speech icon to listen to the text for reading. It also extends the limit of the blog search as the search of content is not limited to the specific website but the entire web. However, the source of the content in such type of reading cannot be authenticated as it does not open the website or the web link for the blog or article. It provides the reader with the search results directly in the speech format. It is the most common tool used by readers in the current period as it facilitates quick reading along with quick surfing of the web content and blogs available on the world wide web.

The development of technology has also given a wonderful tool to the bloggers which are popularly known as ‘Textise’ these days. This internet tool helps in removing the entire content of the website in just one click except for the text on the entire website or in other words this tool converts the complete website data or content into simple text. This text could be easily read by the users rather than browsing the whole website from start to end. The conversion of the website into text also facilitates the find option for the readers to help them to jump directly on the subject they intend to read. Apart from easy reading the text mode of the website also allows the user effective scanning and quick browsing. The removal of images, icons, and other items of the website excluding text, also stimulates quick download and fastest website reading as it provides the reader one-click easy access to various websites and reduces the page load on the browser at the same time. The major advantage for web surfers of the website to text tool is that it removes the majority of the unwanted ads automatically which saves time and webpage load to a great extent. It never loads the images, icons, and flashes which are part of the website resulting in the download of color-free pages that are easier to the eye. This is regarded as an effective tool for quick blog reading on websites. Website to text is generally for the core readers who are not willing to read the attractive content and can easily digest the simple text content without attractive features such as images.



The emergence of text-to-speech technology allows us to boost our ability to consume content more effectively than ever before. Various techniques are available across different platforms but not everything may be suitable for each of the reader’s needs. Some have premium quality but do not justify the price, and some are just painful to use as they will bombard you with unnecessary advertisements for monetization. However, some products just stand amongst the rest, like WebsiteVoice, which offers an excellent text to speech service for content creators and bloggers that can be used for free without restricting the readers from the actual content of their site.

WebsiteVoice provides a unique way to experience blog posts, articles, sample papers, and a huge amount of content on a specific topic through audio mode. Unlike some of the free text to speech websites that are full of advertisements and divert the focus and attention of the reader, WebsiteVoice prioritizes functionality and it has a variety of packages for different usage perspectives. WebsiteVoice is also considered a popular reading source by the readers as it provides quick access to the free content of multiple blogs making the blogs easily approachable to all the intended readers.

In the era of technological development, reading blogs is no more a difficult task. Install the WebsiteVoice widget on your blog now to enhance your readers’ experience.